Personal Stylist Myths Busted: What I really think when you show me your wardrobe

By 8 January 2019 March 25th, 2019 Wardrobe Organisation
Do you want to know a secret

The day has come: we are at your house for your very first in-person consultation with me. We’ve just analysed your colour and/or body shape profile. Now it’s time to show me your wardrobe.

For many of my clients this is the first vulnerable moment we’ll spend together. In fact, it’s often filled with more self-doubt, embarrassment, and apologies than talking about body image or getting changed in front of me (if they choose to do so, my default is to be very discreet but many have no issues whatsoever). Interestingly, there are two main concerns I‘ve picked up on; the amount of clothes and the type of clothes they are presenting me with.

Are you worried that I‘ll judge you for having too many clothes?

Let me reassure you: there is no right or wrong amount of clothes you should have in your wardrobe. The ideal 30 piece capsule wardrobe is just another glossy magazine ploy to make you feel guilty for what you have so that you keep buying more of what they say those 30 pieces should be.

Let me bust that myth right there: YOU ARE UNIQUE!

Your “average” week is filled with activities unique to you. So you might require more or fewer clothes to cover any two week period than the next person. So please, please, please don’t ever feel bad for how much, or how little you have in your wardrobe right now. Especially not on my account. The whole point of us working together is to curate a wardrobe that caters to you.

The other thing that my clients can feel uneasy about are all of their impulse buys which they now regret. Even if that is playing on your mind too, rest assured that I myself don’t have a pitch perfect wardrobe, so why would I judge others for purchases they’ve made on a whim? There is so much we can glean from a “bad” fit that these impulse buys are more valuable during our consultation than your non-descript “safe” pieces. So relax!

Is there anything that secretly raises my eyebrows?

Well, the only thing I find upsetting are not the clothes themselves or the number of items in a wardrobe, but how those clothes live in said wardrobe. Sometimes a wardrobe has become a dumping ground for everything but the kitchen sink. That’s when I really get excited to work with you and help you improve your relationship with your clothes, your wardrobe and your body image.

Over the coming weeks, we will gradually turn your wardrobe into a sanctuary so your clothes are treated with the respect they deserve.  Once you’ve achieved harmony in your wardrobe, you’ll find it quicker and easier to put together outfits that make the best of your figure, and help you be your most authentic self.

Would you like to read some of my top wardrobe organisation tips? Look out for my next blog: How to care for your clothes – using the right hangers.

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