Your Memory Box – what to do when clothes hold sentimental value

By 24 September 2019 October 5th, 2019 Wardrobe Organisation
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Have you recently gone through your wardrobe in an attempt to tidy up and de-clutter? You probably came across a ton of pieces that no longer serve you, but that still hold sentimental value. Do you wonder what to do with them now?

What is a Memory Box?

Allow me to induce you to your memory box. This is a space dedicated to your most precious pieces, the heirlooms, the storytellers, the time capsule into an era long gone. It’s entirely up to you what deserves a place in this special box: maybe your first bra? Your wedding dress? Or those jeans that no longer fit but made you look and feeling amazing (we all have them!)?

What’s important though, is that you don’t misuse the memory box as a sneaky way to cling onto EVERYTHING that no longer serves you. To learn how to let go of pieces you no longer wear first, check out the blog I wrote here.

The Memory Box Rules

As I already mentioned, it’s entirely up to you what makes the final cut and earns a place in your memory box. What I will insist on though, is this: your memory box does not belong in your wardrobe. Find a home for it in your attic, under your bed or at Victoria Station lock ups, but do not store it within easy reach in your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe is for your right-now items only. Keep it clutter free and relevant to your life by only storing clothes you are realistically going to wear in the next six months.

That will allow you a real understanding of what is available to you and which key items might be missing. Otherwise you’ll echo all those women who claim their wardrobe is full but they have nothing to wear – well they really don’t because the space is used up by items that belong into the memory box or elsewhere.

It’s a bit like keeping your family photo album on the kitchen table. It takes up precious space you need for crockery and cutlery. It would be in the way when you really want to use the table to serve your family their dinner.

It’s more appropriate to keep your photo album on the shelf in the living room to go back to and enjoy the memories when you’re ready.

The same is true for the items in your memory box. They’re no longer fit for serving you and would only take up precious space.

It’s perfectly okay to be emotionally attached to some items of clothing. It’s okay to hold onto clothes that we’ve connected a special meaning to. But you will be happier if you keep them in the designated space, the memory box. Giving yourself the view of what is truly available right now in your wardrobe means you can dress with a sense of who you are now, not who you were five or 10 years ago.

During my wardrobe edit and de-cluttering session, I’ll always suggest to start a memory box when we come across items that are dear to your heart. When will you book your consultation?

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