Why you should care for your boots and knitwear – in SPRING!

Picture: Are you taking care of your clothes?

There is more to a good spring clean than just clearing out clothes you didn’t wear at all for yet another season, whatever the reason. It’s also about the pieces we love and cherish and about giving them that extra little attention and tender loving care now – in Spring!

Take your boots to the cobbler

Think about those boots you’ve been wearing all winter. Rather than just stashing them away in a box until October, take them to the cobblers NOW and get the heels done along with a professional polish. You will thank yourself later when the cold days are back and your boots look as good as new, ready for another season!

How to get rid of bobbles on clothes?

Same applies to your coats and your knitwear. I tend to wear my warmest coat from October to March non-stop (that’s London for you) so the signs of wear and tear can’t be ignored. Instead of a disposable razor, use a lint and fuzz remover to “shave“ your woolen clothes before they go into hybernation over the summer.

There are many out there but the one tried and tested by my FIPI colleagues is the Philips GC026/30 Fabric Shaver. It’s certainly on the pricy side but the most effective one yet and will save you real cash when rescuing knitwear.

Plan ahead

What’s important is to do this NOW, in Spring! Don’t wait until you are caught out freezing and then get tempted to buy new boots or a new coat in desperation. Your current wardrobe can easily serve you beautifully for a few more years as long as you take good care of your clothes.

Thinking ahead, planning your purchases, taking care of your clothes and wasting as little as possible while staying fashionably stylish – In my books that’s true sustainablility!

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