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Unworn Clothes

When I first started the WALK IN WARDROBE™ over three years ago, everyone told me that I’d run out of clothes. It’s true, allowing guests to take as many clothes home as they like sounds like a flawed business model. But I had faith that the WALK IN WARDROBE™ guests would honour our one simple rule: “Try on first! If it fits, it’s yours!

WALK IN WARDROBE Summer 2018 Canary WharfNeedless to say that to this day, I’ve never run out of clothes. When I explained our policy again last Saturday on board Le Sorelle in Canary Wharf, it really resonated with our audience. After all, if you don’t love a piece enough to try it on there and then, what are the chances you’ll try it on when rushing to get dressed for work in the morning? The nodding attendees reassured me that we were all in agreement.

Before we let everyone loose to check out the preloved treasures, we enjoyed a fascinating panel discussion about sustainable fashion and a zero-waste lifestyle with Kate Arnell from Eco Boost and Nina Kovacevic from War & Drobe. Both women shared with us what they are passionate about, what they are working on at the moment and what we can do to make a difference. It turns out that customer feedback was a great suggestion as brands take those super seriously. For every email they receive from a consumer they assume that 10.000 others feel the same way but can’t be bothered to write in. Powerful stuff, right?

The “shop floor“ was then declared open and our guests could peruse the rails of clothes arranged by seasonal colour analysis. My favourite moment at any WALK IN WARDROBE™ event is when someone trys on a piece and the person who donated the garment can see how stunning they look in it.

WALK IN WARDROBE July 2018 Canary WharfEmma says:

I loved the print and the fabric of a dress and was disappointed to realise that it didn’t quite fit me. So I was thrilled to see Jan looking so great in it. It’s a wonderful feeling to see an item that you love going to a good home and making someone else happy.

I indulge in that moment because that’s exactly why I started this project in the first place: Bringing a community together and creating one collective wardrobe, where it’s not about individual ownership but about a generous sharing of resources.

I’m excited to say that six tickets have already been purchased for our winter venue on 24th November 2018 (hint hint, save the date!). We like to keep it small and cosy with only 20-30 guests, so if you’d like to join us, be sure to get your ticket early.

I’d love to see you there!

Daisy x

WALK IN WARDROBE Le Sorelle 2018 Canary Wharf
WALK IN WARDROBE Exhibitor War and Drobe

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