Will there be any plus size clothes at the WALK IN WARDROBE™?

By 12 November 2019 November 29th, 2019 Sustainable Fashion

The WALK IN WARDROBE™ is a bi-annual event to prevent textile pollution and find a new home for preloved clothes. The clothes and sizes available depend on the donations that have been made since the last event or on the day itself, which means that each event is different and stock is unpredictable.

We therefore can’t guarantee that all sizes are equally represented. However, we’ve always had a wide range of sizes and styles at WALK IN WARDROBE™ events in the past, making us confident that this will continue to be the case at future events.

We recognise that there can sometimes be a reluctance to donate plus size clothing, for various reasons. But that only intensifies the scarcity of plus size pieces available at events like the WALK IN WARDROBE™ or at charity shops. Please know that we are inclusive and supportive of all sizes and discrimination of any kind isn’t tolerated at WALK IN WARDROBE™.

To this end, we don’t arrange the clothes by size, but by colour season. We believe that sizing is extremely misleading and shouldn’t be trusted. What matters is how a garment fits and suits you – not what number features in the label!

Even when something IS your size according to the label (whether that’s size 8 or 18) and it actually fits – you may still not like the style, the colour or the shape of a garment. There are so many variables to finding a piece that you’ll love to wear for many weeks, months and years to come – please remember that size is only one of these many variables.

That’s why our only rule at the WALK IN WARDROBE™ is:

TRY ON FIRST – If it fits, it’s yours!


So please come along and #tryonfirst! You can join the waiting list for our next event here!

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