An online group call with Daisy Schubert and other participants to discuss your outfit plans…

Would you like to have a weekly opportunity to

  • Discuss your outfit options
  • Receive help with your biggest style challenges
  • Learn in a group setting about style?

You can join my group program in the beta stage for only £10.00/month in exchange for feedback and testimonials.

The weekly group calls are currently scheduled to start in August on Mondays at 8pm (subject to change).

I will be selecting 10 of you to join me for the test phase in August.

This is the right program for you if you

  • want to discuss your outfit options in a group
  • receive help with your biggest style challenges
  • learn from the difficulties others members have overcome
  • commit to join us by video on most Mondays at 8pm in August
  • want to subscribe at only £10/month

If you’d like to take part, please sign up to the waiting list for more information.

Style Hour Waiting List