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By 11 December 2018 February 5th, 2019 Style for Speakers

You should totally read this post on a Sunday. Or on your equivalent to Sundays. It should be a day when you have some time for yourself, some me-time. Time to reflect on your Personal Style Words. Those are three adjectives that describe THINGS you love, which will give us an insight into your style personality – your everyday style!


Please note, that this is not about describing you as a person. You might know yourself quite well, being someone bubbly, confident etc and that’s great. In this excercise, however, we are looking for words that describe THINGS, not people, experiences or feelings!

Things you love

Depending on your prefered style of working, create either a list or a moodboard of pictures that you are drawn to, things you love and that make you happy. Look around your home and select physical items that you consider beautiful and attractive. Don’t filter, don’t analyse!

I’m a list person, so here is my own list of ten things I love:

  • Mufassa, my (neighbour’s) cat
  • Excel spreadsheets and lists in general
  • My M&S bed spread
  • Glitzbox ring
  • Book: „Londoners“ by Craig Taylor
  • My mugs
  • My flat with each room
  • Smythson’s purse
  • Black waistcoat

mufassa-and-bedspread bark-ring-deborah-blyth-jewellery smythons-purse

Here are mood boards my clients created in a STYLE PERSONALITY session with me:


The pictures for your moodboard can come from anywhere: Travel magazines, IKEA catalogue, Pinterest, Vogue, you name it. It’s not about what you put down, but why you put something down. Give yourself some time to collate the list or your moodboard before you move on to the next step.

It can help to take pictures of the items on your list or your moodboard and upload them to my private Facebook Community: SPEAK IN STYLE to get feedback from myself and brainstorm with others using the hashtag #signaturestylechallenge.

Find your words

It’s now time to analyse what the individual items on your list or on your moodboard mean and what they have in common.

We are looking for a red thread that ties all the things on your list or the images on your moodboard together. Describing their design, what adjectives do they have in common? We can then translate those descriptions into criteria for your clothes. If your clothes match the style of other things you love, then you’ll also love your clothes and they will become a natural extension of who you are.

For me, the three words that described most items on my list were:

  • BOLD

Those three words are my non-negotiable, they need to be reflected in ALL my clothes.

One of my clients could see an elegant-bohemian theme on her moodboard, along with a lot of structure and a little flirtatiousness thrown into the mix. The combinations can be surprising which is why it’s important not to analyse anything in the first step and just go with your intuition. Have you identified your three style words?

Your signature look

You have derived descriptive adjectives from the things on your list or on your moodboard. Now we need to reverse engineer this exercise to find clothes that meet these criteria.

When you are holding up a piece in your existing wardrobe or decide to allow a new piece into your your collection, ask yourself if it communicates your three style words.

One example are my pink trousers from the BODEN sale this summer.

boden-pink-trousersThere is no question that they are bold, with the bright pink making me stand out in any room I walk into.

The corduroy fabric gives the trousers some nice structure without being too stiff or uncomfortable to wear.

Because the colour and the cut match my colour and body shape profile (which will never change), it is a timeless piece rather than a fleeting trend item.

The trousers work for me because none of its atributes make me feel odd or out of place. My pink trousers are a beautiful expression of my signature style. I can dress them up or down depending on the occasion or the audience I speak to, which brings us to the next chapter on our Signature Style Journey: How to adjust your outfit to your audience.

Would you like more support with your Signature Style? I’ve created a free 7 day challenge that will guide you step by step through the process. Just sign up here:


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