Daisy Schubert – Personal Styling Services

Colour Analysis

Knowing your colour profile is the foundation of great style! My sessions include a colour swatch and a hands-on wardrobe edit based on the results of your colour analysis. We will spend 3 hours at your home to give us access to your wardrobe.

Coming soon: More information on Colour Analysis on my blog.

Body Shape Analysis

There is nothing wrong with you, even if current trends want to squeeze us into clothing that try to tell us otherwise!

Understanding the shapes, cuts, textures and patterns that work for you will revolutionise how you look at your body. I will help you feel great about yourself without the need for a diet by balancing your proportions. My sessions include a simple handout and a hands-on wardrobe edit based on your body profile. We will spend 3 hours at your home to learn from the clothes you already have.

Coming soon: More information on Body Shape Analysis on my blog.

Style Personality Session

If a stranger opened your wardrobe doors, would your clothes tell them accurately who you are?

You want your clothes to be a reflection of your personality and this session will allow us to do just that. We will uncover the three words that your clothes need to radiate to be alligned with your inner self. This 3 hour session in the comfort of your own home includes a mood board for you to keep.

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Outfit Planning Session

Do you have an important event or a speaking engagement coming up? Would you like to have a worksheet with outfit combinations for the next two weeks, using clothes you already have in your wardrobe?

In this 3 hour session we will use your existing pieces to create outfits that actually work. You will be equipped with a completed outfit planner and a shopping list of items you need to complete some of the looks.

Coming soon: More information on Outfit Planning on my blog.


Personal Shopping

Your personal shopping session can be a half day (3hrs) or a full day (6hrs) depending on your needs.

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