Can looking good really make you more money?

Are you a successful female entrepreneur and public speaker?

Do you want to make your personal style part of your business strategy?

If you have taken your business to another level, your wardrobe should naturally follow suit.

Maybe you’ve enjoyed shopping for clothes in the past, but now struggle to find the time or energy for it?

Perhaps you used to know what to wear in your corporate job, but now as an entrepreneur you haven’t quite found your signature style?

It could be that you actually don’t care too much for clothes and style, but realise that image is power and need support creating an authentic, hassle-free wardrobe that allows you to radiate confidence and credibility as the expert in your field?

In short:

You want your wardrobe to represent your personal brand and
serve you powerfully.

You have decided that you will no longer tolerate a
dysfunctional wardrobe.

You have made it a non-negotiable to feel
confident, authentic and beautiful in your clothes.

If this is you, then I’d be honoured to support you as your Style Expert.

I have trained as a qualified personal stylist in 2015 with a FIPI Accredited Training Provider (Study in Style) and have since helped dozens of female enterpreneurs and public speakers to make peace with their wardrobes.

What’s in it for you?

Is your wardrobe ready for the upgrade it needs to help you make more money in your business? Do you want to stand on big stages without the stress of finding the right outfit? Are you ready to outsource?

We will discover together how to express yourself from your core through the clothes you are wearing. You will learn how clothing communicates and how you can use this as your secret super power to reach your goals in life and in business.

My clients were able to boost their confidence, define their signature style and are showing up today as the women they want to be tomorrow.

Giving your wardrobe some undivided attention might feel like the last thing on your list of priorities. But can you really grow as a business owner and reach your next goal if your clothes are still keeping you trapped as the person you were five years ago?

How I work

I’ve come to realise that Style is a journey – not a destination, just like good health or happiness is an ongoing process. There is no such thing as an overnight make-over! Developing your style will require your longer term commitment to ensure lasting and tangible results.

That’s why I’ve developed my 12 week STYLE TRANSFORMATION program (outlined below) to help you reach your unique wardrobe goals and get clarity on the criteria your clothes need to meet to deserve a spot in your wardrobe.

Here is what we’ll cover during our three months together:








+ 3 months STYLE ON DEMAND (except Sundays)

You can take action now and apply to be one of only six clients I work with every four months. Your investment to get my full support over 3 months is £2,500.00 payable upfront and in full. I can’t wait to get started!

The 12 week Style Transformation program will include:

  • 3 days with me in person (6 hours each) to
    a) analyse your colour and bodyshape profile
    b) declutter your wardrobe and create an outfit planner
    c) personal shopping to fill the gaps in your wardrobe
  • On demand support and trouble-shooting (except Sundays)
  • Committed implementation of your unique goals and vision


  • 9 one-hour accountability sessions via skype to work on
    a) style demons
    b) colour psychology
    c) brand identity
    d) signature style
    e) personal style goals
    f) and much more

I will challenge you not to settle for clothes that don’t serve you!

What my clients say:

Working with Daisy via the three-month package has meant constant reassurance, contact and support to get me closer to my wardrobe goals.

Knowing how to shop, how to filter out shapes and colours and get closer to the sort of wardrobe I’d like to have has saved me so much time, money and effort. No longer am I returning piles of parcels to the Post Office as I can shop smarter and know how to achieve the right look for particular occasions.

I’ve found the in-person days particularly useful to help point me in the right direction and see my clothes through Daisy’s eyes. She has a way of making you feel comfortable, looked after and in safe hands. I value her honesty and coupled with the mindset work via the Skype calls, it has unlocked the possibilities of my previously frustrating and time-sapping wardrobe.