What to expect from a personal shopping session with me

By 27 November 2018 July 4th, 2019 Mindful Curation

If you have booked a personal shopping session with me, you are in for a treat: No more overwhelm, no more impulse purchases, no more pressure buys to please the sales assistant.

Instead, you’ll shop the outfit for your next big speaking engagement with laser sharp focus, solid research, and an experienced expert by your side who is not interested in commissions, but in giving you honest feedback to make the best possible choices – that’s me! 🙂

Preparation with you:

Once we have set a date for your shopping session, we’ll schedule a Skype call 10-14 days before our appointment.

This conversation will allow me to understand your objectives for the shopping trip:

  • Are you looking for a completely new outfit to a specific event or special occasion?
  • Do you want to invest in some basics to get your capsule wardrobe off to the best start?
  • Maybe we’ve already done some outfit planning with your existing wardrobe and now need to fill the gaps?

We will also discuss your unique criteria for the clothes you are looking to invite into your wardrobe: your colour profile, your body shape profile, your style personality, the intentions you’ve set for your audience and much more.

Sometimes, we’ll do a virtual wardrobe check to see what’s already there and what we can build on. On other occasions, it’s about pinpointing the exact message you want to convey through your new outfit.

The Skype session is helping us both to know exactly what you are looking for, how much you want to spend and where we’ll be going for our personal shopping adventure.

Research on your behalf:

Whilst I could totally just rock up on the day and play things by ear, I prefer to know where we are going, and where we will have the best chance to find what you are looking for.

I’ll research both online and in real life ahead of time to decide on the right shop, department store or shopping centre to take you for the majority of items on your wish list. Sometimes that means walking through an entire shopping centre prior to our actual appointment to familiarise myself with the latest collections, but that means you don’t have to!

At this stage I decide on the primary shop (the shop we will spent most of our time with the highest likelihood of finding what you are looking for) and on a handful of secondary shops that will compliment our previous choices with individual pieces that I earmarked during my research.

One of the best ways you can help me to prepare is to create a private Pinterest board and share your fashion inspiration with me.

On the day:

We will typically meet in a coffee shop or public seating area where we will discuss the brief again, remind ourselves of your objectives and double check if there are any changes. I’ll fill you in on my research and share the route I’ve planned out for us and why I’ve selected certain shops.

For an easy and more relaxing shopping experience, I’d recommend you:

  • Avoid one-piece outfits like dresses or jumpsuits
  • Wear comfortable shoes and nude underwear if possible
  • Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated
  • Bring any pieces from home that we have decided to build on

In the primary shop:

The objective in visiting the first shop is to find most of the items on your list. So we will go through each rail on display and select anything that could remotely work for you.

The only filter is your colour profile (no point taking a bright lime green coat into the changing room when your colouring is cool light and muted). Sales assistants are usually quite clued up about personal shopping and will offer to take all our selection to the changing room, while we continue working our way through the clothes they have on display.

Here is what you can do while we peruse the primary shop:

  • Have an open mind! Some clothes look dreadful on a hanger and only reveal their full glory once you try them on.
  • Don’t be shy and let me know exactly what you think and how you feel. If I dismiss something that you might like, please tell me and we will try it on together.
  • If there is something I select that you wouldn’t touch in a million years, tell me!

In the changing room:

To give us more privacy, I always try to get the last two changing rooms at the very end of the corridor. I’ll arrange the clothes by type and hand them to you so that you can try on all the trousers / skirts first, then all the tops, then all the coats, etc. without having to put your own clothes on and off again in-between.

You won’t need to worry about putting things back on hangers, getting the same piece in a different size or keeping an eye on the budget – that’s what I’m there for. I’ll also be on hand to remind you of your style words and objectives. Just because something looks nice doesn’t mean that it has earned its place in your wardrobe.

Even if something doesn’t work, I encourage you to show it to me anyway so that we can identify why it’s not suitable for you. Maybe it’s the fabric, the texture, the cut? Or something else is not quite right, but you are not sure what it is? If you show me, we can learn from the “wrong” pieces and eliminate similar items more quickly.

If we found pieces that you absolutely love and that meet your requirements, we will put them on hold for an hour to avoid impulse buys and to check out what other shops have in stock. It’s okay to walk out of a shop empty handed, trust me!

In any secondary shops:

There may still be pieces missing from your shopping list that we couldn’t find in the primary shop. So now we will target specific stores where I have located individual items for you during my research.

We won’t be shopping in the entire store as we did previously, but only try on carefully selected pieces. This will be much quicker than the first store and will merely supplement what we’ve already shortlisted earlier. If something catches your eye, let’s try it on!

Decision time:

It’s entirely up to you what you decide to buy. I’m working for you and not on commission for any brand or store. You can be confident that my advice will be led by integrity and professionalism.

For example, I’ll tell you which items to prioritise if your initial selection goes over budget. If you can’t decide between two pieces, I’ll help you take the long term use and price-per-wear into consideration. And no matter what happens, I won’t allow you to buy anything that doesn’t make you feel like a queen!


I hope this has answered all your questions, but if there is anything else you are unsure or nervous about please feel free to email me at daisy@daisyschubert.co.uk I can’t wait to take you shopping!

You can choose between two packages: either half a day shopping (3hrs) or a full day shopping (6hrs). Should you need more time with me in addition to your initial package, we can totally do that once we had a break: I somehow only function three hours at a time 😉

To help you gauge if this is necessary, I regularly check in with you during our personal shopping session and let you know how we are doing for time. It’s important to me to find the right balance for you between being efficient whilst not making you feel rushed.

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