How to shop successfully in the Sales

By 1 January 2019 January 16th, 2019 Mindful Curation

It can be so tempting: reductions, savings, bargains! But are you really doing yourself (and your purse) a favour? When you’re planning to hit the sales, be mindful of your true wardrobe needs!

For me, it’s a project I prepare all year long, so I am ready when the prices drop. I like to keep a running list of things I need in order to

a) fill a gap in my wardrobe (NEED)
b) replace a piece that is used alot but has seen better days (NEED)
c) treat myself (WANT)

But regardless of shopping the sales or new collections, always ALWAYS ask yourself these key questions:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Window Display SALE
  1. Is it my colour?
  2. Does it work for my body shape?
  3. Can I hear my style words when holding it up?
  4. Will it give me joy for years to come?
  5. Does it allign with my values?
  6. How much will it contribute to my wardrobe?
  7. Does it make me feel like a queen?
Here are some more useful tips for shopping successfully in the sales:

Set yourself a discount limit:

If the sale doesn’t reach a certain percentage treshold – be strong! As these are often not NEEDS but more WANTS you should stick to what it’s worth to you. Also, be realistic in how many WANT pieces you allow yourself this season. Sometimes, a little challenge of finding all your NEED pieces first, can prevent you from splurging out on unnecessary items that you won’t get a decent price per wear from.

Online Shopping:

To avoid spending endless hours online searching for pieces you might like, most retail websites offer a wishlist or favourites, where you can add pieces that interest you. When the sales start, only check if items from your wish list have been discounted. Why go through the entire stock again, just because it’s on sale, when you have already made your selection?

The week after:

On the highstreet, the rush in the first week after Christmas means that many people buy sale items in bulk without trying them on in the shop. A week later, these pieces are returned and discounted even further. As a result, especially occasion dresses can be found at reasonable prices. Do you have a wedding coming up this year? Think ahead and take advantage of the week after the sales.

A word of caution:

There is often a reason why a certain piece has found itself on the discount rail. Is it faulty or in bad condition? Maybe the store is trying to get rid of their bad buys, those that were designed without humans in mind and will never fit anyone nicely? Then confidently say: “Thanks, but no thanks!”

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