What are the benefits of Style on Demand for your business?

By 29 October 2019 October 31st, 2019 Mindful Curation

Imagine this: you’re in a changing room trying on something new. As you look into the mirror you wish you had a second opinion. The sales assistant will only tell you what she thinks you need to hear to make the purchase. And if you’re accompanied by family or friends, do they REALLY know what your image means to your career and your brand?

It doesn’t need to be a changing room situation where you want impartial professional advice. Maybe you prefer online shopping and like to try on the deliveries in the comfort of your own home. Or you’re preparing an outfit from your existing wardrobe, and want to run it by someone who really understands exactly what you’re trying to achieve?

If you want reassurance, support, and immediate access to your Personal Stylist then my Style on Demand service is right for you. As a monthly or annual subscription, you don‘t have to hold back or wait until your next consultation to ask any urgent questions. A simple text is all it takes and I‘ll be ready and willing to assist with any clothes crisis remotely.

Here are some of the benefits at a glance:

  • Check your thinking is in line with your Style Vision
  • Knowing you‘ll get an honest, impartial answer
  • Ad-hoc reassurance and feedback via text message (except Sundays)
  • Drawing on your Stylist‘s expertise before you invest time/money/effort in the wrong things
  • A constant source of positivity to boost your confidence

One of my clients describes it as ‘having a confidence genie in her pocket’. She messaged me from the 350 seater stage in October during the break, just before she went on for a last boost and reassurance. She said: ‘Knowing what I was wearing was sorted thanks to your help, gave me the confidence to step out there.

And here is what‘s not included in your Style on Demand subscription:


Online Shopping
Style on Demand must not be misunderstood as an online shopping service, where I‘d specifically search the internet for the items on your list. Online Shopping is a focused, intentional and separately billed service that does not fall under the Style on Demand umbrella. Should you wish to subscribe to both for the same month, you can take advantage of a package discount.

When I do stumble across an item of clothing online by accident that makes me think of you, I may tag you in the post or send you the relevant link, because I‘m nice like that 🙂

Sundays (and 2am)
I love to be available to you on the spot, help you out and allow you to make a quick decision there and then as much as possible. But as any semi-responsible adult would agree, I try not to be glued to my phone 24/7, which is why I will not respond on a Sunday to any messages. You‘ll also find that 2am isn’t a good time to reach me, either, as that‘s when my body insists on its beauty sleep. I trust that these boundaries are reasonable and fair – I can assure you that a sleep deprived Stylist is of no use to anyone 🙂


While the Style on Demand service does not replace an initial in-person consultation, it‘s a brilliant way to stay connected with your Stylist in the weeks and months after you’ve discovered you USP (Unique Style Profile). The service helps you to implement what you’ve learnt with confidence and allows us to celebrate the results of ‘getting it right’ together.

If you‘d like to subscribe to the Style on Demand Service, please visit www.daisyschubert.co.uk/style-on-demand

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