Is it possible to do a Colour Analysis over Skype?

By 23 April 2019 Colour Analysis
What's your favourite Colour?

Once I had to go to the dentist because of a gum infection. I was reluctant, not because I‘m scared of dentists, but because I know that teeth can become a costly affair. When I arrived, even the dentist couldn‘t say much without an x-ray. I had a decision to make: pay for the x-ray or try some essential oils as a DYI herbal remedy.

Knowing your colours is a little similar… Even if you meet a Colour Consultant or Personal Stylist at a networking event, for a personal shopping session or at the bar, they can‘t give you an accurate diagnosis without draping you with fabrics of colour, without makeup, and in the right light.

What could go wrong with an online colour analysis?

The trouble is that your undertone, the pigments underneath your first few layers of skin aren’t as easy to detect as Google makes it out to be. That‘s why I do all my Colour Analysis Sessions in person to give you an accurate reading and clear guidance for your future colour choices.

Back at the dentist, I decided to go for the x-ray. It showed that the infection had spread all the way into my jaw, eating away at the bone. I was mortified, as this must have been going on for years without any symptoms! I could have lost a tooth or two. By opting for the x-ray I saved myself tons of trouble in the long run and the dentist was able to deal with the root of the problem.

Now imagine what could happen if I agreed to analyse your colours over Skype? The wrong light could impact how the colours react to your skin leading me to wrong conclusions about your colour characteristics.

I‘d advise you on the wrong colour season for your complexion, and you‘d go out building a wardrobe around colours that don‘t love you. How frustrating would it be to think you know your colours but actually spend money on items that don‘t harmonise with you at all – all in good faith, because an expert gave you a guesstimate?

Other consultants may disagree with me on this, but I personally wouldn‘t want to be held accountable for risking a wrong diagnosis. I know that your colours are for life and I take my responsibility to analyse them for you really seriously without taking any shortcuts.

It’s much better to get it right in the first place and have the reassurance that your colours are actually YOUR colours. Sure, you can look on Google for tips or try to have your colours done online, but you risk getting the wrong colour for the sake of trying to save a bit of money or time.

Would you like to know what happens during a Colour Analysis? Stay tuned for my next blog in this series.

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