I asked my clients to finish this sentence about life after their colour analysis and here is what they say:

“Since I had my colours done, I …”

“… keep getting comments on how good/glowing I look in ‘my colours’” – J. M.

“… save a lot of time and know which colours to filter out when shopping online.” – R. M.

“… feel so much more in control and vibrant with my wardrobe!!! 😍😎🎤 So powerful!” – A. P.

“… know exactly what to look for when I’m shopping and succeeded in building a strong capsule wardrobe.”  – A. v V.

“… actually WEAR colours – not just black, and feel so much more confident shopping!”  – C. H.

“… feel more at ease when I go shopping. The colours don’t overwhelm me anymore, and I find that I gravitate naturally to my colour palette.” – Z. M.

“… have fewer things in my wardrobe, yet more to wear.  I also spend less time faffing about what to wear as everything goes with everything else.  Plus, I’ve had some good comments – so lots of wins!” – M. M.

“… find shopping and packing to be a lot easier and faster. Efficiency may not be a sexy word but as a busy business woman it’s very important to me!” – H. Q.

“… feel much more confident in the choices I make when I’m shopping and knowing what suits me. And all my clothes go together so putting an outfit together is easy!” – B. B.

“… can make more informed sustainable fashion choices that reflect my personality, my beliefs and my style.” – N. F.

Would you like to know which colours suit you?

My 3hr Colour Analysis Consultation takes place in the comfort of your own home and includes a seasonal colour analysis, a wardrobe edit based on the results of your colour analysis and a colour swatch for reference.


You should schedule your Colour Analysis during morning light to ensure accurate results. I enjoy starting my sessions at 11am on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but happy to be flexible. Just contact me directly to synch our diaries and find a suitable time for your Colour Analysis.

Knowing your colour profile is the foundation of great style! If you’ve always struggled to work out which colours suit you, I’d love to help. You can find a full price list with the option to combine services here.