What to pack for a cycling holiday

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Last summer, my parents decided to cycle from London to Cornwall in nine days. Yes, you heard me right. They were riding throughout the day and stopping at Bed and Breakfasts whereever they ended up for the night. I asked them what they packed for the trip, why a capsule wardrobe is the way to go and how I could use their approach to pack my own holiday suitcase (albeit for a less adventurous time off). Read More

What's your favourite Colour?

Is it possible to do a Colour Analysis over Skype?

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Once I had to go to the dentist because of a gum infection. I was reluctant, not because I‘m scared of dentists, but because I know that teeth can become a costly affair. When I arrived, even the dentist couldn‘t say much without an x-ray. I had a decision to make: pay for the x-ray or try some essential oils as a DYI herbal remedy.

Knowing your colours is a little similar… Read More

Do you want to know a secret

Five books to read on Sustainable Fashion (and three to avoid!)

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Are you a booklover? When I started taking a serious interest in sustainable fashion in 2015, I was keen to collect good books on the topic. I remember taking a screenshot of an Instagram post by (@fashrev) with books to read to kick-start my collection.

Always on a budget, I ordered the most cost effective one first, determined to gradually invest in the rest. I did, and here are my top 5 books on sustainable fashion. Plus three I wouldn‘t necessarily recommend. Read More