Personal Styling for Visible Entrepreneurs

I help professional speakers look great on stage and beyond!

Are you a successful female entrepreneur and professional speaker? Do you want to radiate confidence when speaking from stage while staying true to yourself? Are you “the face” of your business?

Maybe you’ve enjoyed shopping for clothes in the past, but now struggle to find the time or energy for it?

Do you want to stand on big stages without the stress of finding the right outfit?

Perhaps you used to know what to wear in your corporate job, but now as an entrepreneur you haven’t quite found your signature style? I know what that’s like – I used to wear beige head to toe…

It could be that you actually don’t care too much for clothes and style, but realise that image is power.

Would you like my support in creating an authentic, hassle-free wardrobe that builds trust and credibility in you as the expert in your field?


Your outfit is like a visible business card that you literally wear on your sleeve. But without a clear plan, your personal image will lack authenticity, consistency and purpose.

How will that impact your audience or business prospects? Could they subconciously feel confused and uneasy? Maybe they’ll trust you less or you’ll have to overcome unnecessary barriers to establish rapport with them, leaving money and other opportunities on the table?

What about you? When an outfit doesn’t feel quite right, it will naturally gnaw at your confidence. Do you secretly feel like an imposter, because you know you are making it up as you go along without a clear strategy? Although you are great at what you do and a leader in your field, does your wardrobe always leave you feeling frustrated?

As a professional speaker myself, I know that the big question of “What to wear?” can feel overwhelming and wastes a lot of precious time and energy. Let me help you get absolute clarity on what to wear for your next speaking engagement, so that you can make the right first impression and have the confidence to stay true to yourself.

Let’s define your signature style and source the missing pieces to plan outfits according to your unique style profile and the type of your audience in just three months!

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I believe that “diagnosis without consultation is malpractice”.

For your Personal Style to be authentic, consistent and intentional we need to define your USP first, your unique style profile. This is a combination of your Colour, Body and Personality features, which are non-negotiable. Understanding and implementing your unique style profile will keep you authentic and consistent.

Once we’ve built that foundation, we can adjust it to suit your audience, showing that you are intentional in what you wear.

This graphic above is an overview of how I see my services interact and serve you.

Your USP (Unique Style Profile) is the starting point. Knowing your colour, shape and personality is the foundation of great style. I strongly believe that diagnosis without consultation is malpractice.

The seasonal changes bring regular opportunities to review what you have, plan outfits for upcoming speaking engagements and fill the gaps through personal shopping. Some clients DIY this part while others consult me regularly to help them stick to their personal brand and visual impact.

Along all of this is the ongoing support of Style on Demand and Accountability and Mindset calls that keep you motivated supported and answers your adhoc style questions.

Are you ready?

Do you want your wardrobe to represent your personal brand and serve you powerfully?

Have you decided that you will no longer tolerate a dysfunctional wardrobe?

Have you made it a non-negotiable to feel confident, authentic and beautiful in your clothes?

If the answer is YES, then I’d be honoured to support you as your Style Expert.


Your Intensive Style Solution

1 Full Day in Person*

Plan a full day at your home with me and combine two in person sessions – or we can spend all day in the shops!


2 Online Sessions*


1 Month Style on Demand*


*full details here

Your Style Transformation

3 Full Days in Person*

Day 1: Colour & Body

Day 2: Personality & Outfits

Day 3: Shopping and some more shopping


6 Online Sessions*


3 Months Style on Demand*


*full details here

Your Year in Style – Deluxe Package

5 Full Days in Person*

Day 1: Colour & Body

Day 2: Personality & Outfits

Day 3: Shopping and some more shopping

Day 4: Wardrobe Review

Day 5: Personal Shopping


15 Online Sessions*


12 Months Style on Demand*


*full details here

Working with Daisy via the three-month package has meant constant reassurance, contact and support to get me closer to my wardrobe goals.

Knowing how to shop, how to filter out shapes and colours and get closer to the sort of wardrobe I’d like to have has saved me so much time, money and effort. No longer am I returning piles of parcels to the Post Office as I can shop smarter and know how to achieve the right look for particular occasions.

I’ve found the in-person days particularly useful to help point me in the right direction and see my clothes through Daisy’s eyes. She has a way of making you feel comfortable, looked after and in safe hands. I value her honesty and coupled with the mindset work via the Skype calls, it has unlocked the possibilities of my previously frustrating and time-sapping wardrobe.“ – R. M.


I am a speaker and I was always wondering why my professional photos didn't have the impact they could have for my personal brand. I never really thought that colours, shapes and clothes would make any difference to my impact. How wrong I was... Daisy helped me to discover an entire new world of IMPACT & INFLUENCE!

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