Personal Styling for Visible Entrepreneurs


Are you a successful female entrepreneur? Do you want to make your personal style part of your business strategy?

I help public speakers look great on stage and beyond!

Your outfit is like a visible business card that you literally wear on your sleeve. But without a clear plan, your personal image will lack authenticity, consistency and purpose.

How will that impact your audience or business prospects? Could they subconciously feel confused and uneasy? Maybe they’ll trust you less or you’ll have to overcome unnecessary barriers to establish rapport with them, leaving money and other opportunities on the table?

What about you? When an outfit doesn’t feel quite right, it will naturally gnaw at your confidence. Do you secretly feel like an imposter, because you know you are making it up as you go along without a clear strategy? Although you are great at what you do and a leader in your field, does your wardrobe always leave you feeling frustrated?

As a public speaker myself, I know that the big question of “What to wear?” can feel overwhelming and wastes a lot of precious time and energy. Let me help you get absolute clarity on what to wear for your next speaking engagement, so that you can make the right first impression and have the confidence to stay true to yourself.

I can define your signature style and source the missing pieces to plan outfits according to your unique style profile and the make-up of your audience through my Personal Style Consultancy.


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I am a speaker and I was always wondering why my professional photos didn't have the impact they could have for my personal brand. I never really thought that colours, shapes and clothes would make any difference to my impact. How wrong I was... Daisy helped me to discover an entire new world of IMPACT & INFLUENCE!

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